• Open patio in a luxury villa overlooking the sea with palm trees and feature burning flame

    How Important Is Balcony Deck Waterproofing? 5 Surprising Benefits

    Deck waterproofing may seem like just an optional add-on, but it’s more important than many might realize. While a deck or balcony can last several years without waterproofing, its lifespan and safety will become severely limited once wind, rain, and weather start taking their toll. As a result, deck waterproofing isn’t just an add-on—it’s an […]

  • beautiful view of landscaped tropical garden

    Planter Design Ideas

    If you’ve been wanting to bring some greenery and flowers to your outdoor space, you’ll be happy to know that it’s easy to integrate planters into your home decor—and it’s possible to do so without sacrificing space or straining your budget. Simply keep reading to learn about some inspiring planter box ideas, plus expert tips […]

  • colorful landscaping outside an office building

    How to Waterproof a Planter Box

    Planter boxes are a wonderful way to add additional plants, flowers, and trees to your home or business. Just like any other outdoor surface, they need additional waterproofing to extend their life and avoid expensive water damage. When it comes to waterproofing a planter box, however, there are more considerations than many might realize. Read […]

  • Balcony on the sea

    How to Waterproof a Balcony

    Waterproofing your balcony is one of the best ways to keep it strong and safe for years to come. Since balconies are constantly exposed to rain and harsh weather conditions, balconies without thorough waterproofing often begin to deteriorate within only a few years. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to waterproof and […]

  • restaurant tables with a view

    Commercial Deck Requirements and Recommendations

    Whether it’s an outdoor dining area or a simple entryway, adding a deck to your commercial property is a great way to add value and grow your business. Unlike residential decks, however, commercial decks are subject to additional building requirements and regulations to help ensure people’s safety. As a result, designing and building a commercial […]

  • lounge chair next to swimming pool

    How to Design the Perfect Pool Deck Lounge for Summer

    A pool deck lounge is a great amenity to have, but it’s not a passive feature; there are many ways to improve the look and function of your pool deck while increasing the value of your property. Here are some effective pool deck design ideas that can turn your lounge area into an oasis. Special […]

  • green grass lawn near grey wooden house

    7 Ways You Should Invest in the Exterior of Your Home

    Investing in the exterior of your home can have many benefits. It can improve aesthetics and provide space to relax or enjoy recreational activities. There may also be opportunities to increase curb appeal and property value. If you’re wondering how to update the exterior of your home, here are a few design ideas to consider. […]

  • Set of tools for gardener and flowerpots in sunny garden

    6 Outdoor Gardening Tips for Spring

    The spring flowers and leaves are starting to bloom and the weather is warming up. It’s once again time to tend to your garden. If you have one, you probably haven’t been doing much gardening for several months, so you might be wondering where to start. Here are spring gardening tips to get things going […]

  • Outdoor planter with green planting on the building

    How to Create a Healthy Planter Garden

    At Capital Deck & Stair, we’re known for waterproofing and restoration services throughout Los Angeles. We also help install planters to enhance the outdoor environments of our customers’ properties. Planting a garden involves several steps. Here is a closer look at the process. Find the Perfect Plants Picking a lot of colorful eye-catching plants at […]

  • Elderly woman holding on handrail for safety walk steps

    Senior Safety: How to Prevent Slip and Falls in Your Independent Senior’s Home

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in four adults over 65 fall every year, and three million older individuals are treated in emergency rooms for fall-related injuries.1 Those who fall are at risk of falling again. Yet you can prevent slip and falls at home. One way to do […]