Waterproofing Your Wooden Deck: 3 Popular Sealant Options

No wooden deck is complete without a good waterproofing sealant to protect it from the worst Mother Nature has to offer. What sealant goes onto a deck, however, can be a trickier proposition than just grabbing a can or bottle of the stuff and getting to work. The materials of a deck, its age, and the typical weather conditions of a region can make one sealant ineffective and another ideal, and vice versa.

Here’s three popular sealants that you might want to consider:

  • Polyurethane sealants: Try not to get too caught up on the chemical-sounding name of this sealant. Typically made of acrylic or a synthetic resin, polyurethane sealants are known for their ability for customization. You can get a finish that ranges from a high gloss to a soft sheen to an almost-matte finish. Light woods are generally best suited for an application of polyurethane sealants, as other finishes could potentially change the color enough that it looks odd, especially as the years go on.
  • Varnishes: When resin, oil, and specialized solvents are combined, the end result is a varnish suited for sealing wood decks and structures. Varnishes are well-known for drying into a hardened surface that can be likened to a shell, providing tough protection to decks that resists scarring and yellowing. For outdoor decks, a marine varnish will be your first choice, as it is particularly resistant against damage caused by the sun and can swallow UV rays.
  • Lacquer: A traditional lacquer is made of dissolved tree resin, condensed down into an applicable material. Although lacquer can technically work on outdoor surfaces, it is really intended for indoor use and on darker woods due to its yellow color that can make lighter woods look unappealing. If you have a wooden chair or table that sometimes moves from inside to out, a lacquer might be the choice for that job. Keep in mind that lacquer smells quite strongly and the fumes could be dangerous if you breathe them in too heavily; work where there is plenty of fresh air or ventilation when applying lacquer sealants.

No matter what sealant you choose for your wooden deck, you might have to go quickly to ensure it looks uniform and correct by the time it dries. For some decks that are large or have unusual, nonrectangular layouts, moving fast and applying a sealant correctly are outright difficult for one person. If you need assistance and want to know the completed project is backed by an unbeatable warranty, you should contact Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing. Our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists have been in the industry and making a great impression everywhere we go for more than 30 years.

How to Refresh Your Deck with Simple Steps

Any deck – whether it be a leisure deck , walking deck , or pool deck – will eventually start to look a little worse for wear. Or, at the very least, it just won’t feel as inviting anymore. If this has happened to your deck, wouldn’t it be nice to refresh it and restore its welcoming nature? Luckily, this is possible, and it probably isn’t as difficult as you think.

These easy-to-follow steps can help you freshen up your deck:

  1. Scan: Before you can really improve your deck’s condition, you need to know everything that is wrong with it. Make an inspection of anything that catches your eye and note where you find issues. You should be looking for loose bolts, cracked wood, chipped concrete, and any other condition that could be indicative of a bigger underlying problem.
  2. Sweep: A good push-broom is your best friend when it comes to getting the biggest bits of debris and dirt out of the cracks and gaps in your deck. Put all the furniture on the lawn and start by sweeping your deck thoroughly.
  3. Scrub: Trouble spots and grease stains won’t be swept away by a push-broom but they aren’t tougher than you. If you have a deck-rated power scrubber, this step is incredibly simple. Otherwise, you will need to get a brush, some cleaner, and a bottle of elbow grease to deal with those nasty particulars.
  4. Scrape: The floorboards of your deck undoubtedly take the worst beating on a daily basis but don’t forget about any handrails, bannisters, and other components that might make up your deck. A scrubbing brush and some extra attention will work wonders here.
  5. Splash: When the noticeable, individual stains are gone, you can make a complete pass over the deck with an extra splash of deck-approved soap and your push-broom again.

How does your deck look now that you’ve cleared it off and given it some welcome attention? If it doesn’t look warm and wonderful as it once did, it could very well be time to refinish or reseal it again. Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing of Los Angeles can provide you with professional help when it comes to tackling any deck or stair job, no matter the size or scale. Contact our team to get a free quote about the project you have in mind.

How Much Does It Cost to Waterproof a Deck?

An outdoor leisure deck really is not complete until you have it sealed and waterproofed. Otherwise, the elements are going to do their best to tarnish and diminish your beautiful deck until you need to replace it. If you have already invested in the construction of your deck, you might be understandably hesitant to put more money down to have it sealed. That is, unless you find a cost that works with your budget.

How Much Does Deck Waterproofing Cost?

The cost of a weatherproofing project for a deck is not set in stone. It is pretty difficult to even toss out a ballpark guesstimate. As with basically any large project around your house, there are a great deal of variables and factors to waterproofing and sealing a deck that weigh into what the final cost may be.

Some factors that can increase or decrease a deck sealing project’s cost include:

  • Size: What is the square-footage of your deck? The larger it is, the more attention it needs, and the more it will cost to get the job completed.
  • Products used: You have your choices when it comes to sealants and stains to complete your deck. Depending on how you want your deck to look and how long you want it to last, you will need one or a few products and in varying amounts. High-quality products, of course, come at a higher cost.
  • Speed: When do you want your deck waterproofing job finished? Sometimes you can pay a little more to have the job expedited or handled by more crewmembers. Other times, you might be fine with having it done “later than sooner” and end up saving some money there.
  • Cleaning: Is your deck even ready to be waterproofed? Your deck might need to be cleaned thoroughly, from the top to the bottom to all the nooks and crannies, before any sealant can be applied. Hiring someone to clear off and clean your deck can add to the final cost of the project.
  • Professionalism: If you value end-product quality, you will want to hire industry professionals to complete your deck waterproofing project. Going with your neighbor or buying your friends pizza in exchange for their labor will probably be inexpensive, but the final result will most likely suffer from that cost-cutting measure.

If you would like to get both professional results and competitive pricing, come to Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing. We are a family-run team of Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists that is backed by 30+ years of industry experience . Contact us to get a free estimate – and remember, we offer weekend services and always guarantee our work!

Three Different Types of Outdoor Stairs

Every part of your home should be a reflection of your personality and contribute to your vision of where you want to live, from the master bedroom and the living room to outside decks and patios. It is the outer portions of a home that are often overlooked, though, as people think a house is primarily what is on the inside. To truly create a home that fits exactly what you wanted, consider all the fine and forgotten details. In this blog entry, we discuss different types of outdoor stairs and how they can complement your deck .

Three outdoor stair designs that may interest you or complete your project perfectly are:

  1. Spiral stairs: If you do not have much space in your backyard, utilizing a spiral staircase can minimize the footprint of the entire design, allowing you to save deck space for other projects. Even space is not a concern, spiral stairs should still be considered when you want to add elegance to an outdoor deck, or perhaps complement circular designs throughout your home.
  2. Cascading stairs: When you have a large deck that you want to seamlessly blend into the surrounding yard, cascading stairs might be the way to go. Each step in a cascading staircase is generally quite shallow and broad, creating a look as if the deck is flowing, or cascading, down the ground. Cascading stairs are typically a finished wood, rather than metal or concrete, to further create the illusion that the naturally look of the yard is part of the deck.
  3. Traditional designs: A second-story deck for lounging or barbequing can look like the inside of a home has been placed on the outside. To complement this modern look, consider using a traditional staircase design that mimics the stairs you have inside your home. When constructed and finished correctly, this can really bring the look of an entire home together like none other.

Do you have questions about outdoor stair designs, installation, maintenance, or finishing? Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing is here to help! Our Los Angeles stair waterproofing specialists have been working in the industry for more than 30 years, helping people with countless, complex deck and stair jobs for their homes and businesses. Contact us online to learn more about our services or to get a quote for your project.

What Makes a Great Leisure Deck?

When you need a place to relax and unwind, nothing can beat a great leisure deck . When built to your liking, a leisure deck can feel like your private Fortress of Solitude, or it can become the centerpiece of your home whenever you have guests to entertain. But if your leisure deck is missing a few key elements, you might find yourself wanting for more.

To get the most enjoyment out of your leisure deck, include or improve these five things:

  1. View: A leisure deck is meant for gazing into the distance, thinking about all the things that make you smile and feel calm. If the view from your leisure deck is lacking, find fun ways to spruce it up. This could mean adding a little garden or a fountain if your deck faces a large yard, or maybe hanging interesting decorations if your leisure deck is in a tight space, such as an apartment complex balcony or rooftop.
  2. Furniture: You are going to want to sit and relax on your leisure deck, right? The furniture you have there is just as important as anything else. Find pieces that both complement the overall scene and don’t leave you sore after hours of lounging.
  3. Lighting: One of the hardest elements an artist can master is the lighting in their paintings or photography. In this way, building or enhancing a leisure deck is like working on a piece of art. Too little lighting, and you won’t be able to see where you are going for nighttime hangouts; too much lighting, and you can interrupt the relative peace your leisure deck was supposed to bring. Consider multiple options when adding lighting, including where light sources actually go, until you find the right balance.
  4. Friends: Does your leisure deck look and feel great but also a bit lonely? Sounds like it is time to get some friends together to liven up the place! You’d be surprised how quickly you can fall in love with your leisure deck once you see a group of friends and family together on it, laughing and enjoying the day or evening. Don’t forget: Los Angeles weather means just about every day is a good day for a barbeque!
  5. Deck: Of course, you have to appreciate and care for your deck from the ground up. In order to make a noticeable and welcome improvement to your leisure deck, you should think about staining or weatherproofing it. A new splash of color can instantly create a soothing atmosphere, and sealants ensure it will remain that way for quite some time, even after the sun or rain beats down on it.

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, our Los Angeles deck waterproof specialists are known for providing top-quality craftsmanship at fair prices and always with a friendly attitude. If you want to improve your leisure your deck with ease, come to us to learn about our services . You can contact us online at any time and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

FAQ About Deck Sealing & Waterproofing

Many homes, businesses, and properties in Los Angeles have decks that see a lot of foot traffic but do not get a lot of attention. It is not that most people do not care about the conditions of their decks – many people would claim that a good deck can bring the entire house together. Instead, most people are just not aware of what can be done to improve, repair, and care for a deck.

Our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists at Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing are truly passionate about making decks and stairs look their best, no matter the weather or wear. We have compiled a useful frequently asked questions section below to hopefully address your most pressing concerns about deck waterproofing, sealing, and staining. Be sure to give it a brief review, or feel free to contact us directly to learn about our services, which are available during the workweek, afterhours, and even on the weekends.

Deck Waterproofing & Sealing FAQ

  1. How often should I service or repair my deck?
    You can expect a great weatherproofing job to last at least two years under normal conditions. If there is plenty of shade throughout the day on the deck and you don’t get much rain – in Los Angeles, rain is pretty scarce – it could last up to five years. On the opposite end, heavily trafficked decks in direct sunlight may need waterproofing once a year.
  2. Should I waterproof a brand new deck?
    Possibly. Some new woods need a couple months after installation before they are ready for waterproofing, due to the material’s pores, climate conditions, and other factors. Others may need immediate sealing to stop normal wear and tear from turning into noticeable dents and dings. Contact a professional waterproofing specialist, tell them what sort of wood you have in your new deck, and they can get you a proper treatment schedule.
  3. Should I use a darker stain or finish?
    Only use dark stains if you are confident a dark, forest-y look will be right for your deck. Once you stain, seal, or finish wood darkly, it can be difficult to go back to lighter or transparent stains in the future. After all, you are staining it.
  4. My railings don’t seem to need to be refinished – why is that?
    Sunlight beats down on the horizontal surfaces of decks, where heat can build up and get trapped. The same can be said for harsh weather elements, like rain or ice on cold mornings. Vertical railings don’t take the brunt of the elements and therefore generally look better and last longer than the decks they accompany.
  5. Does occasionally rinsing down my deck actually help?
    Absolutely, especially for wooden decks with cracks between the planks. A quick wash down once a week or so can push away bits of dirt, dust, and whatever else is out there before it accumulates into a problem. If your deck has been recently stained, sealed, or weatherproofed, ask a specialist how soon you can wash it down again.

Deck Stains vs. Waterproofing: Which Is Right for Me?

If you are looking to complete a restoration of your home or property, you have probably considered giving your deck some attention. If this is the case, the important question still remains – should you stain it or seal it with a waterproof coating? While both will protect your deck and save you a considerable amount of cash from having to replace the whole thing, they each have their own benefits.

Stains do an excellent job of highlighting the natural beauty of the wood grain in your deck. Choosing the right stain can be a stunning and simple design addition to your space. The durability of a stain will largely depend on the amount of wear and tear your deck receives, as well as its exposure to sunlight, the color of the stain, the quality of the stain, and the quality of the prep work that went into staining the deck previously. Assuming your deck receives a moderate amount of traction and sunlight, you may expect to re-stain your deck once every two or three years.

On the other hand, waterproof sealants provide a protective coating to your deck that can help shield it from the water and weather damage and protect them from rot, increasing the longevity of your deck and saving you from costly replacements. If applied correctly and replaced on a regular basis, water-based or oil-based sealers will cause water to bead up rather than absorb into the wood, preventing the planks in your deck from warping or cracking over time. Sealers should last at least a year, with some lasting up to three years.

Which Should I Choose?

In the end, it basically comes down to a matter of preference. To get the best of both worlds, it may be wise to apply both a stain and a sealant to your deck, or choose a combination stain/sealer product which can help you achieve both the aesthetic and protection you desire. Regardless of which you choose, it is important you trust the job to a knowledgeable professional to avoid damage to your deck.

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, our knowledgeable Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists have more than 30 years of industry experience and can help you choose an option that best fits your needs. Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, you can choose us with confidence to provide the quality workmanship you need at a competitive price.

To find out more about how we can assist you, call us today at (310) 912-7737 .

Do I Really Need to Waterproof My Deck in Los Angeles?

It’s no secret that the greater Los Angeles area is pretty dry climate. The weather throughout much of Southern California is bone dry during most of the year, with only mild showers occurring on occasion. As such, many people believe that waterproofing the deck on their Los Angeles property is a waste of money. Since it never rains, why would waterproofing ever be necessary?

It is important to remember that waterproofing can save your deck from far more than just rain. Waterproof sealants protect your deck from all kinds of environmental damage, including sunlight, condensation, mold, and rot – all of which can wreak havoc on the condition of your deck. Without any protection, uncoated decks can begin to split warp over time, eventually leading to major structural damage that can require expensive repairs or even a full deck replacement. This can also lead to safety concerns, as uncoated decks can present a skid-hazard when hurriedly traveled across and raised boards can easily lead to trips and falls.

Many people also overlook the aesthetic appeal of deck waterproofing. While many people’s first thought when they hear the term “deck sealer” is of a simple clear coating, deck sealants are sold in a wide variety of colors and can help accentuate the natural beauty of your deck’s wood grain, enhancing the appeal of your property.

Protect Your Investment – Call (310) 912-7737

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists have more than 30 years of industry experience and can provide the quality craftsmanship you need to restore your deck to its optimal condition. Backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee and a dedication to leave each jobsite cleaner than we found it, you can choose us with confidence knowing that the job will be done correctly and to your liking the first time around – no exceptions.

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The Benefits of Slip-Resistant Deck Treatments

Outdoor decks – particularly those around pools – can develop puddles of water and become a dangerous slip hazard. Since leisure decks , pool decks , and walking decks are constantly exposed to the elements and are frequently high-traffic areas, special attention must be given to ensure their safety and minimize the potential for unwanted falls, trips, and skids.

One of the most common and cost-effective ways that homeowners and business owners can improve the grip of these surfaces is through a slip-resistant deck coating. From concrete epoxy coatings to textured sealants, these coatings come in different varieties and can greatly improve the traction of your deck’s surface. Depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences, nonslip coatings can be mild, coarse, colored, or clear, allowing you to improve both the safety of your deck and its visual appeal.

Additionally, texture sealing your deck can help provide protection against possible mold growth or chlorine damage. When decks are first built, particularly wood decks, they often come uncoated and are left up to the property owner to have sealed. Having your deck properly coated with a slip-resistant sealant can help it to withstand the elements and increase its life.

Whether your property features a wood, concrete, or stone deck, a slip-resistant deck treatment can do wonders to minimize your potential liability and refresh your space. At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, our knowledgeable and friendly Los Angeles flooring specialists can help you choose and install a coating that best fits your property’s needs. With more than 30 years of industry experience and a satisfaction guarantee on all of our work, you can choose us with confidence to provide the quality workmanship and dependable service you need.

Call (310) 912-7737 or request a free estimate online today to get started.

The Safety Benefits of Stair Treads

Many people go up and down stairs in buildings and outdoor areas without a moment’s thought about their construction or design. But did you know that stairs are actually designed with safety in mind? The treads of stairs, or the part that you step on, are often designed with certain textures and materials that make them slip resistant and able to withstand long-term wear and tear. Since staircases are among the highest traffic areas in most buildings, ensuring that stairs are durable enough to endure significant scuffing, scratching, and staining can be crucial.

Like with many things, however, stair treads do not last forever. Over time, treads can become worn from continuous abuse and exposure to the elements, causing them to take on a slick surface and accumulate considerable amounts of dirt, debris, and moisture. Considering how slips and falls are common even on staircases that are kept meticulously clean, damaged and worn stair treads can exacerbate this danger and potentially expose property owners to certain liability issues.

Fortunately, aging staircases can be made safe and beautiful again through a simple tread replacement . Depending on your staircase’s construction and desired aesthetic, hardwood, concrete, pavers, or stones may be used to refresh your staircase and minimize the risk of an unwanted slip and fall. In many cases, tread replacements are simple and can be completed in as little as two days.

Stair Tread Replacement Specialists in Los Angeles

If your home’s or business’ staircase has seen better days, the friendly Los Angeles flooring specialists at Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing are here to help. With prompt service and top-quality craftsmanship that is backed by warranty, we can bring new life to your stair treads and help you find a solution that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. To find out more about what our 30 years of experience can do for you, call us at (310) 912-7737 or schedule a free quote online today.