The Various Types of Stairs We Install

Every element of a home or business needs to come together to form a unique, single message or style. Whether you want to convey comfort, professionalism, or a mix of both, the design of your property is the groundwork for conveying these emotions. For properties with multiple stories, one of the key pieces that cannot be overlooked is the staircase. Literally connecting on floor to another, your stairwells and steps require special attention if you want to keep the theming of your property concise.

To get the right set of stairs for your home or business property, you should consider the benefits of two of the most popular types of stairs: precast iron fixtures and magnesite-fiberglass fixtures.

  1. Precast iron staircases : Generally used indoors to replace wooden or stucco fixtures that are prominent in most home, precast iron staircases create a contemporary look in any property. Due to the ease of installation and the standalone design of the steps, precast iron staircase treads are easy to replace, should they ever become damaged. However, with a professional finish applied, accidents and mistakes will have a hard time actually damaging a precast iron staircase.
  2. Magnesite and fiberglass staircases : There are few staircase fixture options more durable and resistant to the ravages of Mother Nature than magnesite and fiberglass staircases. Due to their strength and vintage appearance, these types of stairs are usually used outdoors to connect floors of apartment complexes or business facilities. For people who want a clean look with added slip resistant properties, magnesite or fiberglass should be their first choice. The endurance of these steps also means maintenance is low and necessarily replacement is unlikely.

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, our Los Angeles stair waterproofing specialists can help you maintain or install both precast iron staircases and magnesite/fiberglass staircases. For more than 30 years, we have been helping individuals and companies find the right staircase solutions for their properties. Let us do the same for you. Just contact us today and request a quote for your job.

Pool Deck Resurfacing Before Summer

For many people in Southern California, the summer season is all about entertaining guests with fun outdoor activities. And nothing says summer fun more than a day spent at the pool. If you are thinking about all the days and afternoons you will spending splishing and splashing, you should also be thinking about the condition of your pool as well.

Even the most meticulous of homeowners can let the quality of their poolside decks fall by the wayside. Despite the SoCal sun making it pool-season year round, many of us only really hangout by the pool in the summer, so it can be easy to forget to maintain pools and their decks. Wouldn’t it be nice, then, to have a pool deck that doesn’t need routine maintenance and still looks great?

With the help of Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, this dream is a reality! We can use weatherproofing measures and resistant coating to protect your pool deck from summer to summer to summer and so on. Many of our customers prefer fiberglass pool systems, which provide protection for the deck itself and slip resistant attributes, protecting yourself from a painful fall when moving around the edge of the pool. But the benefits do not stop there. In addition to being strong and slip-resistant, fiberglass pool deck systems can be crafted to your specific needs in both design, color, and style. Imagine your ideal pool deck and fiberglass can probably make it happen!

When it comes to having friends and family over for the summer, the first thing you should do is think about pool deck resurfacing. It provides safety and beauty, and the systems can be much-more cost effective than you might think! Contact our team of Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists today for more information.