Give Your Balcony a Makeover with Resurfacing

Many homes in Southern California, both old and new, have spacious balcony spaces, either attached to master bedrooms or to living rooms. But how many families actually spend time out there? Most people would probably admit that they’re only out on their balconies once a month or for national holidays.

But why aren’t balconies more popular? They should be beautiful spots to have a getaway from the stress of the day but instead people step out and see drab paint and a general lack of atmosphere. A fast way to give your balcony a facelift and some much needed TLC is to resurface its deck.

Resurfacing your balcony allows you to add a spectacular, fresh finish that will really liven up the entire area. Most balcony waterproofing finishes can be applied to any surface, too, so you are free to liven up the area with new tiling, paint, or designs first. Once you have it how you like it, protect it from the weather, cracks, and the sun with a resin or polyurethane coat.

You will be surprised with how easy it is to not only resurface your balcony but also to maintain it. You and your family are sure to appreciate the improvements and see the space in a brand new light. No longer will your balcony be a lonely, empty place – with resurfacing solutions, it can be the focal point of any party or gathering!

At Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing, we are always excited to take on a new project, big or small, for our clients. If you want to start entertaining guests in style, or if you would like a beautiful, private getaway spot in your home, contact us today and ask about our balcony resurfacing services . You can also get a free quote from our Los Angeles deck waterproofing specialists whenever you are ready.

Tips on Choosing the Best Garage Floor Surface

Extensive home renovations often overlook one key area: the garage. This is a considerable shame since the garage is an area unlike any other that serves purposes unlike any other. You probably are in there every day if you park your car in it. You might have a workbench set up against a wall, or use it to store extra belongings. If you are improving your home, you should make sure that garage renovations are on the list. In particular, you should consider how you want to resurface your garage floor.

If your garage is where you tinker with tools and machinery, you should consider using a multi-coat resinous system that is comprised of epoxy, polyurethane, and similar poly-coatings. You will usually see this type of flooring in industrial warehouses, a mechanic’s shop, and even in the back kitchen of restaurants. When done correctly, the coating can be tenfold times stronger than concrete. Keep in mind that refinishing this coating if it does crack or peel due to moisture, or perhaps even earthquake damage, it can be more difficult than other options.

Some people who want durability and ease of repair or replacement have begun using interlocking garage floor tiles. You can choose different designs and colors for interlocking tiles and installation may be completed in 24 hours or less in many cases. Once all the tiles are in place, they can be reinforced with a polyurethane coating; strengthening them in this way protects from stains and scuffs but does not stop them from being switched out easily. Interlocking tiles also have hollow undersides, allowing air to flow under them easily to dry out any moisture, which prevents mildew growth.

Does your garage serve not as a storage area for tools, boxes, and automobiles but more as a social hangout instead? You might want to think about porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles can bring a unique, interesting look to your garage that you might not have thought possible. If you use a lightweight resin coat finish on them, they can still prove to be incredibly resilient to damage and weathering. Tiles do tend to be slippery than other garage flooring options, though, so clean up spills as soon as you see them.

If you are still not sure what garage floor type and surfacing is right for you, do not worry. Our Los Angeles garage floor installation experts at Capital Deck & Stair Waterproofing can give you a good idea during a free initial estimate of your project. You want your garage to look great and so do we, so let’s work together! Contact us today .