Blog Posts in June, 2016

  • Give Your Balcony a Makeover with Resurfacing

    Many homes in Southern California, both old and new, have spacious balcony spaces, either attached to master bedrooms or to living rooms. But how many families actually spend time out there? Most people would probably admit that they’re only out on their balconies once a month or for national holidays. But why aren’t balconies more popular? They should be beautiful spots to have a getaway from the ...
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  • Tips on Choosing the Best Garage Floor Surface

    Extensive home renovations often overlook one key area: the garage. This is a considerable shame since the garage is an area unlike any other that serves purposes unlike any other. You probably are in there every day if you park your car in it. You might have a workbench set up against a wall, or use it to store extra belongings. If you are improving your home, you should make sure that garage ...
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