Blog Posts in September, 2016

  • Deck Stains vs. Waterproofing: Which Is Right for Me?

    If you are looking to complete a restoration of your home or property, you have probably considered giving your deck some attention. If this is the case, the important question still remains – should you stain it or seal it with a waterproof coating? While both will protect your deck and save you a considerable amount of cash from having to replace the whole thing, they each have their own ...
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  • Do I Really Need to Waterproof My Deck in Los Angeles?

    It’s no secret that the greater Los Angeles area is pretty dry climate. The weather throughout much of Southern California is bone dry during most of the year, with only mild showers occurring on occasion. As such, many people believe that waterproofing the deck on their Los Angeles property is a waste of money. Since it never rains, why would waterproofing ever be necessary? It is important to ...
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