Is Your Deck Ready for Winter?

Winter may be a favorite time of year for many Southern Californians, but it’s a particularly harsh time for your deck and other structures on your home. The high temperature fluctuations from the warmest parts of the day to the coldest times at night can cause a lot of expansion and contraction in deck materials, resulting in considerable wear and tear. This wear and tear is only accentuated by added moisture from dew, morning fog, and even rainy weather that we do occasionally receive during this season as well.

If your deck isn’t prepared for the winter months, it could sustain some serious damage that leads to major repairs and expensive maintenance costs. However, taking the time to give your deck a little bit of preventative care and maintenance can do wonders for preserving your deck and preventing this seasonal damage. Here are a couple of things you should consider doing before the weather starts getting too cold and the rains start to fall this winter.

Clean Your Deck

Whether your deck is made from wood, composite materials, concrete, or any other material, every deck could benefit from a good, thorough cleaning ever so often. Use a pressure washer to scrub down the surface of your deck and clear away any stains, mold, debris, or other imperfections that may have formed. Use a bleach-free cleaner to help with the tough spots, including stuck-on dirt, weathered wood stains, water rings, and more.

If the stain or finish surface on your deck has run its course and needs to be replaced, or mold and mildew have started to form on the surface, your pressure washer can help you remove the stain and prep the surface for re-finishing. This may take some time and effort, but making sure you get the job done right will help you achieve much better results.

Apply a Protective Finish

Once your deck has been washed down and any re-stain or re-surfacing has been completed (if necessary), it’s a good idea to apply a new protective finish. In a perfect world, a protective finish will last two to three years, but harsh summers and constantly-shifting temperatures mean you may need to re-apply this surface to your deck every year. You should also carefully consider how much use your deck sees on a regular basis: the more you use your deck, the more likely it is you’ll need to re-seal it to prepare it for the cold, wet winter months.

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Five Benefits to Waterproofing Your Concrete

Concrete is a popular material to construct decks and patios out of. In addition to being low-cost and fairly easy to install, concrete is also extremely durable and can last for decades with little to no attention and heavy usage levels. It’s also inherently water-resistant and suffers very little damage from repeated exposure to rains, water drips, and more. Nonetheless, waterproofing your cement patio or deck will provide you with several benefits. Here are five of the most popular reasons to have your concrete deck waterproofed.

Strengthens Your Deck

While concrete is inherently strong and resistant to water, it will eventually wear down with repeated exposures to moisture. This is particularly true for concrete decks around pools and spas. Waterproofing your cement deck limits the ways water can intrude and cause damage from the inside of the structure.

Prevents Mold & Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew can grow on the internal structure of a deck or patio if it’s not waterproofed. These substances can lead to serious health consequences if the infestation gets out of hand. By waterproofing your deck, you can eliminate the conditions necessary for these harmful substances to grow.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Water causes more issues than just mold growth: it can also lead to structural weakening, large cracks, shifting, and foundation slipping, and other issues that can lead to serious maintenance issues and high costs. Waterproofing your deck can greatly reduce the chances that these factors impact your deck.

Increases Property Value

Nobody wants to purchase a home with a deck or patio that’s in awful shape and in need of major work. But on the other hand, a well-kept structure that has been waterproofed to guard against potential issues is a huge benefit that can add significant value to your property, should you decide to sell it.

Beautifies Your Property

Concrete that has been waterproofed often looks far better than concrete which has been left to suffer out in the elements for many years. Unkempt concrete is often cracked, stained, and shows significant signs of neglect, which can be a real eyesore on your property. On the other hand, a well-kept, waterproofed deck looks beautiful and can be one of the highlights of your home or other property.

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