Blog Posts in April, 2017

  • Never Tile Over a Waterproof Deck!

    While a waterproofed deck is nice to have, a tile deck is aesthetically pleasing and can add to the value of your home. However, many homeowners also mistakenly decide to simply tile over their existing waterproof deck. If you’re considering this: do not go through with it. We have seen many decks sustain serious damage because of this arrangement. Allow us to explain why. Do tiles improve boost ...
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  • What Is Ponding?

    Do you seem to notice that certain spots on your deck always seem to stay wet the longest after it rains or you wash your deck? This is because that particular spot is a low point in your deck’s surface, which is rarely even. This is called “ponding,” and it affects nearly every waterproofed deck around. Most of the time, ponding is more a nuisance than anything serious, but serious cases are an ...
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