Blog Posts in July, 2017

  • Four Tips for Upgrading Your Deck

    As a deck owner, you’re likely well aware that you will have to replace your deck surface every several years. When you do this, you’ll have the option of replacing your wooden surface with a new, waterproof vinyl surface or even a different water-resistant or waterproof material. Doing so may increase the cost a bit, but will provide you with many years of longevity, ease of maintenance, and ...
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  • Top Three Reasons to Waterproof Your Deck

    Your deck is a valuable and enjoyable part of your property, but it’s also one of the parts of your property that’s most prone to damage when the weather turns sour and rain starts to fall. Water is not naturally a friend to most materials, so a waterproofing service from an experienced Los Angeles deck waterproofing expert can actually be a valuable investment in your home. There are several ...
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