Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Waterproofing Increases Property Value

    As a homeowner, you’re probably well-aware of just how important it is that your property is water-tight in every necessary regard. Whether it’s your roof, your walls, the deck of your pool, or even your basement, water intrusion can lead to a lot of serious damage that can cost thousands to fix. However, did you know there’s an added value to a waterproofed property? It’s true, and it comes in ...
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  • Make Your Pool Safer: Waterproof Your Deck!

    If you ask someone from outside of Southern California what life is like here in the Los Angeles area, they’ll probably give you a pretty stereotypical answer: the weather is always nice, everyone lives next to a movie star, and there’s a swimming pool in every backyard. While none of these are true, two of them are actually fairly common, including the one about swimming pools. You’ll find pools ...
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