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At Capital Deck & Stair, we help homeowners, property managers, and building owners add value to their properties while allowing them to enjoy the practical and beautiful results of their outdoor decks. Our licensed, bonded, and insured team of professionals can help you with your residential and commercial deck waterproofing and repair work in Los Angeles.

No matter if you are adding to your property or renovating, we can ensure you enjoy all the benefits that waterproof decks have to offer. Waterproofing adds a finishing touch that can rejuvenate your deck and render it practically impervious to the elements. It can therefore always be inviting for an outdoor barbeque or some fun in the sun.

Why Choose Us to Waterproof Your Leisure Deck?

  • Over 30 Years in the Industry
  • Company That’s Family-Run
  • Afterhours & Weekend Services
  • We Guarantee All Our Work

Our quality craftsmanship comes with friendly service, and we are always respectful of your property, ensuring that we keep it clean throughout the entire deck coating process. We can address any type of wear and tear—if your deck has stains, cracks, or mold, our waterproofing contractors can fix the problem. Quality waterproofing can prevent complications such as water intrusion and structural damage. The results will be pristine and are always backed by a warranty. Find out more about what our seasoned experts can do for you when you contact Capital Deck & Stair today.

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Our waterproofing specialists use superior materials for coating your deck, providing a cost-effective solution that can be seamlessly added to your property’s design. Your deck’s surface will be fire retardant, waterproof, and flexible, making for a practical, durable leisure deck that is also beautiful and upscale.

Waterproofing can protect concrete, wood, brick, slate, stone, and any other deck material. It also avoids or at least puts off expensive repairs and inconveniences for potentially several years. Waterproof decks require less maintenance and stay much cleaner than unprotected surfaces. Given the durability of a protected deck, your property value may increase, which is a big pro when it comes time to put your home on the market.

Trust Capital Deck & Stair’s Waterproofing Contractors to Protect Your Investment

With our 30+ years of deck waterproofing experience, we can deliver expert results that last. Plus, we use only the best coating compounds to deliver exceptional quality and customer satisfaction while ensuring each worksite and home we service is clean and safe for years to come.

We can send an expert to your property to provide you with a free estimate, and our crews can deliver service on the weekend and after hours anywhere in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Whether you’re looking to waterproof your leisure deck, patio, or pool deck, call (424) 339-1017 to request your FREE, in-person estimate!

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